Being In My Place

Poem By Dr. Lalita Smith

</></>In conflict and controversy, I have found love.
Among thorns and thistles, compassion blooms
as a garden all around me.

During hardship and trials, I find the grace to grow
as I learn to accept the fact that change is inevitable.
It is like a river that flows unnstoppable, leading me
down its winding path to a destination today un-definable, yet mine.

In transition, I let go of yesterday, and those things that can no longer
be a reality, to embrace the tomorrow's that flicker before me like a candle,
promising me less sorrow. Though each day differs drastically from the last,
each adds up to reflect the dawning of a brighter future.

So I choose to look ahead, to raise my head up high in spite
of the whispers of persecution that ring loudly in my ears;
knowing that faith and courage are constant, faithful guardians
of my eternal plight; holy warriors who will never fail to guide me sure -
encouraging me to fight back tears, fatigue, worry and fear,
to embrace the changing tomorrow's that beckon me out of who
I thought I was, into the strong, bold, beautiful and determined
success that I must become.

Why must I force my way into a place that is foreign soil to my soul?
Why must I forge ahead when all compadres' who once walked by
my side, have found a path leading from me?
Why must I alone face each tomorrow, as though it were my last
chance to make an indelible mark on this generation?

You know, don't you; that the importance of fulfilling destiny means,
my being in my place, allows you to be in yours!
Yeah, that's how it is!

(Inspiration for this piece was my divorce transition in 1999, after 17 years
of marriage. It was written in my clothing boutique naned, 'Lalita's Closet'
located in Long Beach, CA)

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stark reality is ripple to flow though blue to spruces up to hue dream differs from inevitability distinctive impulse is no truth of god........wonderful philosophy to flow, ingenious true,10+++, thanks for sharing

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