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Being Innocent For Their Belligerent Behavior
( / Connecticut)

Being Innocent For Their Belligerent Behavior

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Parents and legal guardians,
Quick to make excuses...
For their children's lack of discipline,
That is nourished to disrespect...
Everyone and the environment they live in,
With a coming to their aid...
To defend them and their age,
As being innocent for their belligerent behavior...
Should be found guilty and locked up immediately,
To save the taxpayers with instant relief...
The moment this is identified as an applied dysfunction!

Why is it the building of new schools...
With advanced technology to enhance minds to use,
And the hiring of competent teachers,
Has not been beneficial or cost effective enough...
To prove or guarantee a wasting of throwing funds away,
Will end the mental disease unleashed freely to escapade.

Where is it displayed the future awaits to advocate,
A need for more acceptable ignorance?
And if this does make sense...
Only those who are crazed and praising these days we live,
Are hiding an antidote they should disclose...
That reveals a high return with dividends for their investments.

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