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A Man Young And Old: I. First Love
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A Man Young And Old: I. First Love

Poem By William Butler Yeats

You said to me 'if' I rode my bicycle,
I may or MAY NOT get a flat tire.
Mister President,
I 'did' get that flat.
And I'd like to know...
What you intend to do about it?

'I understand the gravity of your concern.
I can either take the bicycle back.
Which this administration purchased,
At no cost to you at all.
You can fix the flat tire yourself,
Creating a minor inconvenience.
To get back and forth from A to B.
Opposed to hitchhiking,
Or taking your time to walk.
Getting both exercise...
And obtaining a more healthier outlook on life.'

But Mister President,
Don't you think your response is a bit insensitive?

'Perhaps you are right.
I should have been more direct,
And called you an imbecile for your attempts...
To accuse and blame me for your recklessness.
Sit down fool.
That's being insensitive!

Next comment or question? '

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