TJ (17th June 1958 / England)

Being 'It'

No, not the school playground game of 'tag' –
That marginally less aggressive version of 'British Bulldogs'
Where whoever was slow and out of favour:
Inevitably the 'swot',
Was condemned to a playtime purgatory
Of so near yet so far
And put out of his misery
Only by the bell.
No, not that 'it'.

Not even the girls in the 20s,
Screen-testing upon countless casting couches
To establish whether or not they had 'it' -
Or at least enough of it
For a slot on the chorusline.
No, that's not the 'it' I'm on about.

The 'being it' that bugs me
Is the motorbike morons
And scooter cock-a-snooters
Parading their 'Look at me: I'm it' shit
At an ear-splitting, baffles-out volume
Even a heavy metal rocker would have a problem with,
Helmetless at a hundred mph or more
In a sleepy village where kids still play out of doors..

Feel like an old fart making mention of this,
But it seems life has become a one-sided coin:
Heads their 'right' to do just as they please
Tails an empty space for 'responsibilities'.

NB. Please note I have nothing against bikers - they are mostly great people relaxing with the wind in their hair, but rather it is the teenage poseurs with the 50cc bee-in-a-bottle at full throttle that get my goat.

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I loved your words 'motorbike morons and scooter cock-a-snooters'. These riders sound utterly and completely selfish. We are having a war in our city and other parts of Australia with the bikies. They are covered in tattoos, rough and loud mouthed and are involved in drugs. They recently had a huge rally through our city as they say Government is trying to get ride of them, and saying how wonderful they are. Guess what! They all started fighting among themselves and the whole thing got violent. They are trying to pass new laws in parliament now. Thanks for your great write Tony and informative poem. 10 Karin Anderson
Nice to know that it's not just me that gets irritated as hell by these 'spotties' with baseball caps nailed to their heads who scream up and down the road on their sewing machines, risking the lives of the frail, the young and even the family cat. Sad that this hoodlum tendency has crept into your lovely village environment. Well-written observation - as always.
Oh so say all of us too Tony who have to endure this sort of abuse in our quiet villages at times - - the day of the renegrade youngster is well and truly here.... do we just have to sit back and wait for them all to grow up - - if they are fortunate enough to avoid tragic ends to their displays - - this needed to be said - - thank you - - 10 + + + from Fay.