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Being Late
(March 11,1959 / Pec, Kosovo (the former Yugoslavia))

Being Late

Poem By Dejan Stojanovic

From where do simplicity and ease
In the movement of heavenly bodies derive?
It is precision.
Sun is never late to rise upon the Earth,
Moon is never late to cause the tides,
Earth is never late to greet the Sun and the Moon;
Thus accidents are not accidents
But precise arrivals at the wrong right time.
Love is almost never simple;
Too often, feelings arrive too soon,
Waiting for thoughts that often come too late.
I wanted too, to be simple and precise
Like the Sun,
Like the Moon,
Like the Earth
But the Earth was booked
Billions of years in advance;
Designed to meet all desires,
All arrivals, all sunrises, all sunsets,
All departures,
So I will have to be a little bit late.

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Comments (4)

A great poem Dejan, Nature is always on course. It has no limitations on time like we as Humans do. There is unforeseen things (good or bad) in being late. Appreciate this thought provoking write.
'Love is almost never simple Too often, feelings arrive too soon '...how deep true are your words :)
So I will have to be a little bit late......theory of evolution of retrogressive says to be simple one has to passes through series of complex processes for ages and eons, and then there things moves by simplicity, yet there lies the merit at times being late, wonderful write by introspection,10++++, thanks for sharing
that's great Dejan, I loved the similes and your strong tone