Being Me

Started out chilling with my bro
Then the rhymes filled my mind-
now its time to go
Getting loose with the flow
Its beginning to show
Courage begins to grow
Time begins to slow
Where does it come from-
that's for me to know

Taking time with my rhymes-
So they come out flawless
If I wrote them all down-
it would be a tall list

Not breaking my stride
I've got nothing to hide
I let the words flow-
And see where they go
The end result will show-
Just how much I know
I'm ready to go-
So enjoy the show

Keeping time in my mind
Rhythm is simple to find
And when I do I find it
I lock it up and bind it
Even when I slip up-
I don't even mind it
No need to rewind it
It's all good
It sounds exactly as it should

Walking downtown rocking my hoodie
Ignoring what the media tells me I should be
Not focused on what people think about me
I could care less if they judge or doubt me

What matters is how I feel about myself
Holding onto things affects my mental health
In self acceptance lies true wealth
I take the book of life down off the shelf
In the book of life I close old chapters
I break free and escape my captors

Giving no f**ks about what you think
I can make you vanish in a single blink
Like a figment of my imagination
It wont even take much concentration

Your words have no power over me
It's a waste of breath cant you see
I don't need someone to tell me who I should be
I'll just keep being me even if you don't agree

by Austin Lockwood

Comments (1)

Wow! A totally awesome poem! I totally feel your freedom and independence from others opinions of you, it is expressed so vividly and intensely in your poem. Have to tell you, I just love your style! Enjoyed reading your poem it definitely lifted my spirits this morning. Thank you for sharing it. RoseAnn