Being 'Normal'

Poem By Lenore Lee

I once came across a rather ordinary man
Who believed in being perfectly normal
He smiled at me and took my hand
And kissed it in a manner quite formal

He took me to the movies and the shops
He seduced me until I was besotted
He fed me chocolate and push-pops
And played with my hair until it was knotted

But every time I did something original he’d scorn
He hated my creativity and uniqueness
He ordered me to act more like the norm
And like a slave I obeyed him, I must confess

Soon I was dressing in the fashion
I was acting like one of those sheep, too
I threw away my one true passion
And had never been so blue

Every time I acted ‘strange’, I covered it with jokes
Sometimes he’d discover my fake outs
And I’d receive warning pokes,
Although I couldn’t stop my upset pouts

In time I grew more miserable
So I ended our relationship
I was really tired of his bull
Though I felt my heart rip

He found out who I was and that I’d lied
For I’d stopped pretending with the comical wit
He asked me why I was so weird and I replied
“I tried being ‘normal’ once, I didn’t like it”

Comments about Being 'Normal'

I love this so much! ! You are truley one good poet! <3
I love this poem. Being normal is an illusion. Being ourselves is the only option
hahaha I found this poem quite amuzing, who wants to be normal, when being abnormal is so much more fun?

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