Being Not Doing Is The First Aim Of The Mystic.

Poem By Genova Maaa my mother

Being not doing is the first aim of the mystic.

The first mystical life is the illuminative way.
The second mystical life is the unitive way.

A period of utter blankness and stagnation
divides both ways in an intense period.

It is the dark night of the soul.

It is of the essence of this state,
that the once-possessed power
of contemplation is now wholly lost.

Those immersed in this dark fire
of purification use the epithets of blankness
and Solitude to describe their pains.

Comments about Being Not Doing Is The First Aim Of The Mystic.

The first aim of the visionary is to be fully present without doing anything. The first mystical life is the irradiated life of awareness. The second mystical life is the life which produces union with the Absolute. A time of a sense of complete empty space, colourless, a void of expression and a state of being still, not moving is experienced. This state is termed 'The dark night of the soul'. The core of this state is that the once owned ability to observe and survey is now lost. Those visionaries, who are submerged and plunged into this dark fire which cleanses and unburdens the spirit, use the labels of a void of expression and seclusion to describe their suffering and torment.

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