Being Old: The Advantages And Disadvantages....... [(See The Title): Long; Personal? ; Humour? ]

For my poems, my friend Valsa George has a hunger.
She’s over fifty, but, compared to me, she is younger.
She suggested I write about ‘the advantages of being old’.
It’s a challenge, but, Valsa, on this idea you have sold......

by Bri Edwards Click to read full poem

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Loved, loved, loved it! ! ! I'm much older than you and therefore much closer to the end of days. You write very perceptively and skillfully. (a rare combination these days of tablets and smart? phones) . You made me smile today Brian. Thank you for that!
What's a pro, but the mirror of a con? problem with the golden years is that there never is a golden age for anything, even age. Without a job, your funds dry quicker then your skin, there's no purpose in your life for you to pin. When teenagers complain about all their problems, I might make them read this, just in the hope they realize what growing up problems look like.
“Though you may have income, it may not be enough, and if your pension plan can get really tough. Money worries and new pains insomnia may cause. It may be a losing battle for you against the 'Laws....of Nature'! ” A great write............... I value it a lot! !
A fantastic poem from a fantastic poet.. Rated 10
More time for those novels you’ve meant to read. More time to enjoy your garden and more time to weed. great finishing for the poem Being Old after vividly describing the pre resposibilities, excellently and wisely penned, thanks for sharing,10
Retirement income though you’re done working. [Why, now, are some of you readers smirking? Sir very beautiful imagination your poem 10+++++++
You have done a beautiful bunch of statements and old age theorems that eventually need no proof at all. Great work Sir. Subhas
I am below fifty….Your poem reveals the real life situation, the pros and cons of life’s journey somewhere to contemplate and comprehend! So nicely crafted…gives a precise note so precious for us to understand and to follow suit! I hugely applaud the grand concept that a great poetess has implanted in your poetic soul. I would love to take it to my list of favorite poems. Thanks a lot dear sir I loved your poem!
Haha. From the king of pun himself. It's a clear mirror of aging and senility. I was mostly appetized by the poet's humour with which he weaves his verses each time. A clear window to the unmet age. Well done, poet.
Bloody 'ell! Chuckilng all the way through but quite unable to keep any semblance of composure at the end. Funny and witty in equal measure!
This poem made me smile! I especially loved the line: NO need to be pushy when you’re really meek. to add to advantages - some time left to do GOOD deeds, GOOD deeds, GOOD deeds! what I fail to do! That is what time given to us is all about, I think! You did one GOOD deed for me and for all of us with your April Showcase! so thank you! And stay blessed, dear Bri!
Bri, you crack me up. Your poem is dead-on. I think that you've missed your calling in life. Ever try stand-up comedy? You'd be great at it. Especially if you incorporated your poetry. I've recently turned 65. And I've decided that I'm not gonna vegetate. I'm gonna keep working as long as I can. I'm transforming some of my poems into songs (something I've always wanted to do) . I'm dancing now more than ever. And loving every moment of it. Well, you get the picture. The key is not to sit around and become depressed. Write poetry. And songs. Dance. And sing karaoke. Tell jokes. And laugh. Laugh. Laugh. And especially, be kind to one another!
Bri, I think I can relate to all this. Or, I am at the age when everything you say is starting to make perfect sense. I used to think the great Grouch had a great one-liner.....I'm not so sure any more. He might not have had comedy in mind with....Getting older is no problem. You just have to live long enough. (or something like that)
Bri, really like your humour, I'm old and I really enjoy it I love creaking around and being treated as an old person I've always from a young age wanted to be old, I wanted grey hair when I was five, , I used to practice with my grandad S Zimmer frame when I was twelve, and used to enjoy losing my teeth, when I was fifteen I got arrested for hanging around old folks home and stealing a Wiltshire home delivery meal,
Reading the advantages I found myself nodding in agreement. I am so looking forward to my retirement however I have a few more years to go. The disadvantages really balanced the pluses. One does wonder if retirement is affordable when you still have the strength to work and in my case although I do love my job, the shift work takes it's toll in living tiredness. Well done Bri very much enjoyed.
Great work Bri. Great description of Life after you've been thru most Life. I thoroughly enjoyed. I like long poems that captivate my attention from beginning to end.
Knowing that death has bookmarked U.S. Is a fine line most of U.S. walk like a tight rope at great heights, a foot in the air. But what of youth? Everything's backwards no thought about death thinking we will live forever. Having kids being one nothing ever happened.. James
it felt good when i am reading your poems, please read my new poem oh my dadi(grandma) and suggest me, i think that you will understand my pain
This gives me encouragement to write just any old way I dang well feel like writing. I have been on this site less than a month and am just now discovering how diversified it is. I am so grateful to have discovered you bunch of freaks (sob) It is nice to come home. What's with this timer throwing us into the next poem? You write good stuff
I managed to reach the part about heaven when my eyesight started failing. I'll leave it as that. Thanks for the good news!