Being Old: The Advantages And Disadvantages....... [(See The Title): Long; Personal? ; Humour? ]

For my poems, my friend Valsa George has a hunger.
She’s over fifty, but, compared to me, she is younger.
She suggested I write about ‘the advantages of being old’.
It’s a challenge, but, Valsa, on this idea you have sold......

by Bri Edwards Click to read full poem

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Geez this one was long, but very good thats for true.
Well well well as the years condemn you turn into a comedian and I enjoyed your ploy into life at the rear end of it...That's the way to travel ...regards
Wonderful words of wisdom that are so practical and real Bri. Well done!
Dear Bri, it's really wonderful....................10
Good one Bri really enjoyed this one I am looking forward to my retirement if I could I would retire today and enjoy myself reading your funny poems
Wrinkled wit at its best. Growing old guarantees we'll never be bored. There are so many changes and challenges to laugh at and you've done a great job putting them together.
Enjoyed this poem very much, Bri. I'm older than you are, and have two or three of my own old age poems on this website. I think I actually called one of them OLD AGE. Another was HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANCIENT ONE. There are a couple of others that aren't so much about old age as they are about health issues, such as CHARLEY HORSE, MUSCLES ON MY MUSCLES, and WHICH DOCTOR? Good work. Keep on writing!
NOOOOO, anyways it was humorous.: P
Well done, Bri, you've told the world how I feel. Enjoyed the humour, nice one.
This poem hits very, very close to home because I turned 67 this past Tuesday. Somehow my 60s just ambushed me! I was prepare for turning 50, rather enjoyed being in my 50s. But not my 60s, and I dread the big 7-0. But I'm not writing an OLD AGE POEM yet. If I need one I'll piggy-back on yours. Yours is comprehensive, everything I'm feeling (or not feeling) is in it. It's the ENCYCLOPEDIA of aging for us all! I really like the twist with the DIS section ending with a judgment of HELL and the ADV, with HEAVEN. It's a toss-up, for sure.
Thanks to Valsa for encouraging you to write this, and to you too, for obliging her and bringing out this rhymed 'treatise on the advantages and disadvantages of growing old! ' Enjoyed the humor, enjoyed the realities projected here. 'No alarm clocks waking you for your job. More time to lie around a slob.' But lying around home is not always a fun. 'NO need for razor or make-up five days a week. NO need to be pushy when you’re really meek.' I liked these two lines a lot. 'Your partner may now become your new UNwelcome boss. Missing your daily commute may seem like a sad loss.' A prophetic prediction for many. In spite of all the disadvantages, let us enjoy the moments allowed to us in the category 'of being old'
Fantastic write, Enjoyable read. Well done! ! 10++.
Oh! Bri, You are simply amazing! What humour without exaggeration or distortion! ! So my suggestion has enabled you to bring out a rhyming treatise on the advantages and disadvantages of growing old! This write of yours makes one break into guffaws and brood over the impending blues (in the case of people, nearing the verge, people like you, unlike me, still young!) 'More time to lie around a slob' No pressure to diet conscientiosuly to stay slim'... So there is plenty of time at one's disposal and one can gobble down anything one's palate demands! But beware of 'SUGAR', the villain waiting to subdue the aged! And beware of arthritic limbs... So keep running! ..... Kudos! !
an excellent one Sir.............totally agree to both the phases, currently am into the 1st phase, though tiring and hectic am enjoying it thoroughly as I fear to step into Phase II where you have ample time at your disposal but left with no will or energy to do anything. a 10/10 for this write.
kakakakakakakakakakkakakakakakakakakakakaka! ! ! ! I am stroll for that! ! ! ! KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAK Very good Poet. Nothing like be real......Thanks i have to run for be the first to say something for you....
p.s. the symbols i typed after the 'advantages' and 'disadvantaged' sections WERE, respectively, a smile/happy face like this.... :) ..... and a frown/sad face like this...... : ( ....... ph? turned them into something else. bri :)