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Being Oneself At All Times
( / Connecticut)

Being Oneself At All Times

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

I've been protected by deceivers.
And they did not know it.
Since they attempted to convince others,
As to who they believed I was...
That doing allowed me to be free.
Free to be the me I am.
And those who had deceived,
Are the ones today being watched closely.

I call this my method of...
Being oneself at all times.
It never fails,
Whatever the perceptions.
Leaving those who are close,
Kept even closer.
People have a way,
Of expressing their beliefs.

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Comments (1)

I agree- if you can't be yourself, something is badly wrong somewhere. I like your the-glass-is-half-full outlook here. (which makes it no less true)