! Being Philosophic About It All

reviewing one’s life
in the light of eternity and
rebirth theory and
the lostcounteenth beer

I’ll say this…
I’ll say this…

one could say –
no listen I’m being serious –
was I fated to live this life
or did I earn it
or - was I fated to earn it,

but I’ll shay thish –
maybe I didn’t deserve better
BUT (dramatic pause, points finger)
I didn’t deserve worsh…

sub specie whatsit aeternitatis
strawnery how theesh Latin tags shtick
shub shpecie aeternitatish…

hurry up please it’s time

by Michael Shepherd

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Michael, I'm sure you must make a very cute drunk... love, Allie xxxx
A square and a triangle, pished at the bar. Square says tay the triangle, 'You're round?)