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Being Recruited
( / Connecticut)

Being Recruited

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

They only defense there is,
To protect whatever is left...
Of one's remaining sanity to know it.
Against the effect to suspect idiots.
With a beginning to detect them.
Is to remain calm.
Yet maintain direct eye contact.
Then slowly,
With it to have it nearly noticed.
Take backward steps.
While agreeing repeatedly to words heard,
You would normally find to be ridiculous.
But do not let it known,
They have shown...
A nut or two has loosened.

If you so choose.
After determining the distance is safe.
Turn quickly away and begin to pray.
Thanking God for the mind left you saved.
From nearly being recruited,
To be someone's fool.
Just to prove you too have wishes,
Of becoming promoted to be an idiot.
Who refuses to listen.
Comprehend and understand.
When you already know,
The competition in that field...
Is both obvious and fierce.

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