Being Sanguine

I had almost given up
on Spring 2015,
so it's fortunate you
are always sanguine.

Do you know that word?
I've known it since I first
read HENRY IV. I'm not sure
whom in that complicated play

deserves it, or has earned
it. Certainly not the King
with blood soaking his hands.
Is the Prince sanguine or choleric?

Well, some say 'sanguine'
means a balance in the blood.
Good luck with that! I can barely
muster enough red blood to attract

even a famished one. Most just
stare at me going by, savoring
my sudden fear but displaying
no lust in my direction.

It's sad being so unwanted.
But in a past life I must have
been the bold trace of every
fantasy, hub of every spinning

wheel, the heart itself
in question or appeal. Now
I will settle my accounts
for so much less...

As I said, I had almost
given up on life- Yes,
I know, it was only
a tardy spring that dismayed

me. I won't make more
of this than it's worth.
After all, there are
thirsty throats everywhere.

They may yet see me
as worthy of desire.
I won't even try to talk
this through. It's useless.

My trust I place, as always
in your sweet nature,
gracious and sweet...
Oh, to be the Undead
like you.

by Daniel Brick

Comments (4)

As I said, I had almost given up on life - Saint John of Kronstadt - always was eager to live for His Sunny God, anyhow, even when ill and old. He took so much strength from straight Communion! don't give up! you gave me already so much by your comments - that to give up for you means to give up for me! nice poem!
Thank goodness your'e not one of the undead Daniel. Such an interesting poem and so well written. Much enjoyed.
A melancholy poem my friend and though I still aspire to be not dead to you, to be friend in spite of our differences, just know that you are still a friend in my heart, even if the undead seem safer to you.
The speaker seems as conflicted as the characters in Shakespeare's play. I've heard that anaemia confers some protection against bubonic plague. Possibly anaemia is responsible for both his depression and his lack of appeal to vampires. A curious scenario.