JH (January 4,1931 / a citizen of the world)

Being Seventy Two

Des, what time is it?
Seventy two.
Not your age you silly bugger;
What's the right time?
It's never the right time when
you're seventy two.

Jasus, I give up...
And so you should.
Should what?
Give up asking people the time
when they're seventy-two.

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still laughing at 61...sorry 3.25..am....thanks..John
AMUSING.......really amusing..... humor in poetry to shove loneliness away piece that makes one giggles...i can just imagine me reaching seventy-two.... 10++++++++++++++
Just so. Time out, already! (and I am only 64 as of yesterday) . P.S. I wonder what Allie thinks of T McH's comment.
stimulating humour. i cannot comprehend what being 72 felt like.
Be grateful for the little things.... wouldn't it be worse were you asking, Seventy Who? ? Amused and amazed as usual Jerry.
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