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Being Taught To Teach
( / Connecticut)

Being Taught To Teach

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

No one should fear lessons,
To them taught to learn.
Or think to dislike,
The one who teaches.
Perceiving it to believe,
Had not at one time hated,
Being taught.

The one who sits and listens,
And not oppose those who speak...
From experiences.
They share and not keep to themselves.
Are the ones others may not like.
But those who speak,
With this done to teach.
Were not born with this ability.
Nor knew all about life.
Without obstacles to face.
Hoping one day,
To tolerate disrespect.
From anyone to get,

Teaching is not a process,
That happens overnight.
Nor quickly accepted,
By those who first reject the thought.

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