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Being Themselves
( / Connecticut)

Being Themselves

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

If what is felt to feel,
Comes from your heart to express it.
Less concern you should have,
When what you feel to know it real...
Is scrutinized by others.
Wearing masks.
And charading false impressions to make.
Seeking acceptance and approval.
From others,
Dressed in clown costumes.
For a social event advertised,
As a 'Come As You Are' fundraiser.
Organized by those hoping,
Their sincerity felt,
To prove a need for more diversity...
Would be more meaningful,
If everyone attending...
Left their pretensions behind.
And came feeling comfortable.
Knowing not to be judged for who they are.

Who is it,
Have you chosen to be? "

And you? -

"I've been trying so hard,
To be myself too.
Many of us have yet,
Found the necessity and reason...
To put our lives in jeopardy like that.
How does it feel,
To be in public expose like that? "

Like what? -

Showing bravery.
With a take me as I am attitude."

How am I doing all of that? -

"Look around.
Can you tell which ones,
Are being themselves?
And how? "

-Who is to say they are not?
And why should you care? -

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