RM (17/07/1949 / SYDNEY)

Being There

It was early in the morning
About the break of day
I was sitting in the garden
When some people passed my way.

They were running down the narrow path
There wasn't that much room;
But those 'two men' they stopped
Outside that empty tomb.

They went inside and had a look
Then they came back out
Both seemed quite puzzled -
As to 'what is it all about? '

I should have gone and told them
Asked, 'Do you not see,
that the One who has arisen
is the King of Calvary? '

'cause I saw an angel
Shining just like day
Who came down from heaven,
And rolled the stone away.

The tomb itself was empty
But a miracle I did see;
Because the Lord Yeshua the Christ
Appeared right next to me!

So please do NOT doubt
That the Saviour lives
Come to understand
Eternal life He gives!

by Richard Merrell

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