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It Was Supposed

It Was Supposed

Poem: Hana al-Qadhi

Translation: Freeyad Ibrahim

They were supposed to be together at the end of the road

sipping the morning's coffee

While the snow was covering the crossroads of the age


the warmth of the heart's stoves

They were supposed to be together in the middle of the road


what has passed and what has remained of their time

They were supposed not to leave the swarm

But one of them went to the east

And the other chose the west

They were together in the beginning of the road

And their morns were full of love for roses

But something has haunted the souls

something other than hearts

So that they both lost the road


by Freeyad Ibrahim

Comments (6)

Stunning. You make me want you to take me there. t x
Beautiful! Jumps from image to image with perfect ebb and flow.10. -chuck
Enjoyed this Esra, the flow, the rhyme, the content... Nice work! :)
Soft grains that run through open hand Rock pools teeming, full of wonder A microcosm of the wild blue yonder Invigoration and glowing face the real pretty thing behind everything is a whisper or a verse of poem
The visuals really come alive in this Esra! I could feel the sun on my face and the warm sand on my feet! Great poem. Sincerely, mary
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