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Being Too Sensitive
( / Connecticut)

Being Too Sensitive

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Is it just me?
Am I the only one left believing,
No one can be taught integrity?
Or meet a thief to teach,
The basics of honesty.
And when that is applied?
While listening to the use of their alibis.

If someone denies,
A personality flaw...
That is clearly out of hiding.
And infuses it as a mechanism,
To further attempt...
They are trying to convince,
They are dealing with it.
Only to reveal a deepened lack of common sense.
Or a pretense,
They await an allowance of a consent...
For an intention meant.

Is it just me?
Observing a waste of time unneeded?
Or am I being too sensitive...
In not allowing myself to comprehend,
People who use excuses over and over again...
Do so because they are sincere.
And not the disrespectful,
Human beings they appear to be?
Why should I be the only one to be appalled?

And I should apologize for any offensive remarks I make,
By bringing this to their attention.
And let them walk all over me,
As a defense to protect what I am not understanding!
And instead of complaining when someone steps on my toes...
I should allow this as an exception?
And hop on one foot!

I should also demand free entry into Disney World as well!
That should solve all of the issues I have,
With the breakdown of all social dysfunctions!

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