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Being Two
JN ((1969 -) / England)

Being Two

Poem By J.L. Nash

Don’t call me that
I’m making tea now for spiderman
He’s having a bar b q
And actionman so don’t bother me with that tidying thing
Now I’m spider man
Look at me rolling around
I’m rolling like spiderman
Yes I am
I’m rolling on the floor like spiderman
Where’s my gun
The gun’s on fire
I’ll have to fight the gun
I’m fighting a fire
I’m fighting the gun look
The water’s coming out
I’m fighting fires
Is that Lazy Town on TV?
Look! It’s Lazy Town
I like Lazy Town
But it’s not time for dinner
I want to play now
Why is the car in the box
I want to play
It’s not time for dinner
Woosh! The water’s coming out
Hello! Is your leg hurt?
His leg’s hurt,
I’m giving him a lift on the car
There you are
(His leg’s better now)
I don’t want spaghetti
Ok, just a little bit
And play later
We’ll play later.

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