Oh! blessed be that blind chance meeting
the first trembling kiss unleashing new beginnings.
for it is preordained - thus our mortal destinies be carved
thus our lives irreversibly be changed
in serving immortal purposes of love
and ineffable intentions of fate.

and Oh! blessed be the intimate recognition of beauty and of grace
in a stranger's yet so familiar a face
for it is the magic moment piercing of the arrow
sweetly meeting the heart's very marrow
and through that fatal wound delivered to the womb anew
for birth of nobler selves for death of soul's solitary sorrows.

and blessed be the two opposites merging halves
transcending consummately into one:
the male sun - black groom,
the white bride - female moon

and yet,
as forest tree branches in bloom of the light equally partake
so may it be in the affairs of man and his mate:
respect each other's truth searching roots
be guardian gardeners of each other's creative solitudes.

by Kyras Tsimon

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invaded and sacked by the wind and the sun! Excellent conceptualization.
The innocence of words spoken when we are young!
Oh, me, invaded And sacked by the wind and the sun!
Millay expresses the acknowledgement of maturity that we were mistaken in our youth, yet how glad we are to have been in error!