Separate Cat

I have a cat
who lounges languidly,
who paws the air
and stares at me.

I stroke his fur
whenever he tells me to
and, of course,
I buy the cat food.

Some days he darts away
when he sees me
other days
he is in my lap

I have a cat
or does he have me?

I can't risk
to find out

by Lonnie Hicks

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Comments (6)

Beautifully crafted work of art demonstrating so powerfully and vividly the deep need of mankind not to rely upon his own strength, but upon the grace and power accessed through faith.
Beautiful poem. I read it again and again. Then again Henry Wadsworth is one of my favorite.
Great poetry from a legendary poet. Like to read again and again.
This is real poetry......pure genius
Why are poems by amateur poets getting so much praise while classic poems are crumpled with poor ratings? I mean, it's not like anyone can just write this poem as quickly as possible: with enough ghost around, emotions can fly. The poem is beautiful by a long stretch of the imagination.
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