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Belfast Celtic – The Grand Old Team

Ulster’s ancient heart
Lay broken at Windsor Park,
As the saving grace of angels
Became victims to the fans of Linfield.

The game in a cold December
Is sorely, sadly remembered
By players and fans alike
Of Belfast’ green and white.

When in December of 1948
Windsor Park opened its gates,
How the memories wander back
When Belfast Celtic’s players were attacked.

In the match that was tightly fought
Ended up in a 1-1 draw,
But Linfield’s fans jumped the barricade
And left Celtic’s Jones, unconscious with a broken leg.

The greatest club in Irish football,
The pride of the Falls Road and the Nationalist support,
Never returned to play in the hoops of green,
As the Donegal Road missed the “Grand Old Team.”

July’21st 2004

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