LK (2/16/1985 / Thousand Oaks, CA)

Beliefs And Convictions

Can you be bought, I ask
For what price can you be bought?
Throw out your convictions
And mingle with the otherside
Everyone can be bought, apparently
Everyone has their price
I'm watching it all go down
And I can't scream loud enough
You say you hate the otherside
You'd do anything to watch them collapse
So you take their hidden surprise
Along with their money
And you do it so fast
Convictions mean nothing
Beliefs never meant something
He's the underdog
Because that's what he paid to be
And because of all of this
He's seemingly left with no money
He stands for nothing
But that's okay,
Because your wallet is fat
Stand behind your man
Who agrees with little that you do
You're giving it back to the enemy
Only 'cause it's easier than standing up
For what is right
Well, maybe I won't
Maybe I'll scream so loud my eyes will bulge out
And realize that my generation's apathy
Isn't so far off
But what can I do, I ask
What can I do,
To make this pain stop,
And to gain my faith back?
My beliefs and convictions intact
But am I the only one?

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Pablo Neruda

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