Stop it right now
just listen to yourself
how your rambling on about how nobody can help
you think that your in to deep
and that you can't get out
your screaming and yelling out loud trying to get some help
no one is around
your lost in the cold
watching your life slowly begin to unfold
right there in front of you
you can't believe it
your wishing that someone in this world could actually see it
actually notice you as a person
not just some random face, looking and lurking
you spend your nights
sitting in your room
hoping and praying that you will be rescued soon
your looking out the window
and all you seem to see
is how everyone outside is the opposite of me
see they have someone to go home to
they have a fancy house
and all your stuck with is a mattress and a dirty old couch
but your thankfully for what you have
you never complain
never able to say the lords name in vein
you keep peace with the lord
in hopes of something good in return
all you get is a slap in the face, your lesson is learned
theres nothing that can help
no one to ask for advice
even if you are pretty and nice
still doesn't mean
everyone around is going to give you some slack
just because you got the looks and nice back
nothing comes to you easy
you need to work
to be able to respect your self and not having to feel hurt
trust me on this one i no what its like
to not have something to look forward to.
its like a kid who is lost riding his bike
what we go through in life is meant to be played out
whether we like it or not
we cant help our self.

by Dean Morris

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I feel like you just wrote this for my daughter. This is exactly her. Thank you for sharing Patricia Gale