Believe In Dreams

There once was a girl, who shined like the sun,
She had hair of gold and eyes like no one,
Her skin was a beautiful olive hue,
And soft as cotton and slightly moist too,
Her voice was soft and she sang like a bird,
You wouldn’t believe it if you heard,
She loved the river where she spent her time,
And the trees surrounding it she would climb,
She loved the sound of the river lapping against the shore,
Bringing in many things, yet taking away more.

While at the river one day,
She spotted a guy not far away,
His eyes were like diamonds shining so bright,
He was not much less than 6 foot in height,
He came her way slowly but picked up the pace,
She ran to him with swiftness and grace,
He touched her face with his soft, firm hand,
And pulled her closer like in a dreamland,
He said I’ve watched you everyday,
Come out to the river content and gay,
You’d let your hair down so the wind could blow it in your face,
And you’d run around making me know you loved this place,
Then you’d run barefoot through the river,
And when it was cool I could see you shiver,
You’d lie out in the grass for hours,
And meanwhile you’d sing and pick flowers,
You smiled the whole day,
I knew you were at ease and you wanted to stay,
And when you’d leave your smile turned to a frown,
You put up your hair and put your pleasure down,
You’d turn and run off until the next day,
When I knew, come anything, you’d be back to stay.

He took his hand with the fingers slightly long,
And put in it hers and asked her to sing him a song,
She said she would if he’d promise her this,
He would stay with her always and reminisce,
And that he would always love her for she’d always love him.

So he promised and she sang him a song,
For even though they only met, they had known each other all along,
Because deep within their hearts they both longed for someone to love,
Someone to enjoy times with and someone from above,
They both got what they wanted and they need no more,
For now they have what they’ve waited for.

They lay down softly on the grass by the river,
And he pulled her closer as she started to shiver,
He said don’t worry everything’s fine,
I’m all yours and you’re all mine,
He kissed her lips lightly once, then twice, and then more,
They both knew this was what they had been waiting for,
And with that they ran through the river surrounded in laughter,
And they climbed trees and lived happily ever after.

by Kelsey Pearson

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