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Believe In What You Want
KG (December 11,1985 / Berkley, CA)

Believe In What You Want

Poem By Keith Gaboury

My mother told me to believe in God.
My father told me to believe in whatever I wanted.
My brother told me that it doesn’t matter what
you believe, just as long as you believe in something.
My sister told me to be an atheist.
I told myself that if I’m going to believe,
I’m not going to put on a show by going to
church on Sundays and pretending to pray.

I’m going to believe in what I want.

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Comments (1)

I think the poem ends at 'pretend to pray.' The last line might echo the father's words too much. It also takes away from the impact of being a Christian but not trying to show off with it. I might be biased though; since I'm a Christian that doesn't like preach or show off much.