Broken Dreams

Broken dreams, broken heart, lonely and lost I miss you more, with every passing day, since we met, you are all I have wanted, wanting to hold you, kiss you, and to hear you say, I love you, but knowing that day will never become my reality, my heart can not take the pain.
Never have I done anything so hard, as what I realize I must do now, I must let you go, and say goodbye, for the weight of your nonexistant love weighs heavy on my tortured soul, my heart will always be filled, with thoughts and memories of you, no matter where I am, no matter where I go, part of you will always be mine to hold.

by Brent McCracken

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A nice sentiment, but I would never refer to my wife as the dear ruin. And that line To which time will but make thee more dear needs a grammatical clean-up.
A poem about unconditional love we all live for. I know my wife feels the same about me. Too sentimental for today's taste? Well, we have a society That is on the skids, and would be much better to return to this Romantic period. We have lost so much of our humanity in this sophisticated culture. Few people experience real love.
I heard this beautiful poem sung when I was a boy of 10 and I never forgot it! Now, at 81, I still love it and will perform it for my dear wife of 78 on her birthday, just hoping to do it justice!
Please spare me the romanticizing of the Irish people; I'm sure that Ireland has its fair share of cheats, spivs, bullies and thieves as most other countries. This superb song, perhaps my current favourite, doesn't need to be dressed up with extraneous sentimentality to find itself a place in people's hearts - and their repertoires.
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