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Believe Me Or Not
JT ( / Lumiere City)

Believe Me Or Not

Poem By Jhonny Thermidor

There will be a safe, suitable place,
A place where we'll be hidden for ever,
Where nobody will be able to stare at us,
A new world to share our charming ideas,
And admire the splender of the nature!

There will be no more transgression,
That might possible be very spiteful,
A place of attracted, aromatic roses,
Where you'll doublessly belong to me,
And, in return, I'll destined to you!

At this site will rested the key of our love,
The true love we have been fighting for,
I'll attempt to placed an inflexible door,
Where this key will be secured lastingly,
And be able to get rid of any hostility!

There will be no more grievance at all,
You'll be blemished in my heart eternally,
I''ll be able to explore your personal world,
Which would take me a long time, finally,
To get to know its real beauty inside!

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Comments (2)

talk about lala land. it's so fantasy land i chuckled in spite of myself. but that's what's so nice about it. i liked some of your words 'blemish in your heart.' was good. you are more sensitive than most men. they want titties, not a safe place. you impress me.
rly loved this poem. It was awesome. Wish I had access to thatspecial place with my lover, too. God bless u, Jhonny. ~Sarah Loves