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Believe The Hype
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

Believe The Hype

Often I find myself saying what I do not believe
The kind of words that hang in the air, they do not leave
I say things until they sound true
Until I have the guts to see them through
When I say I will do, it means I can't do
Not yet, I need to ready my heart for them too
Although it is mere hype
Empty words, I still find them necessary to psyche
Myself out so that I can do what I long and fear
To do, I speak of going somewhere else, because I don't like here
But it is not others whom I say this for I need to hear
I need to hear it
It may sound empty now, but you best
Believe this hype, for me it is a test
For my soul and I am a man of my word
Even if for now it is just hype, just some hype you've heard

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