Believing Again


Standing before Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya
Or before Everest in the U
What would you think of its sprawling spread or
Its imposing, magnificent, heaven-bound heights
Unscalable? Beyond reach?
But from its base to beak
Many have scaled its heights
Believing with their minds, arms and legs

If you lived before or at the time of the Wright brothers
Would you have believed man can fly higher than birds
And that a journey of two months
Can be made in six hours
It did happen.
Wilbur and Orville believed with their minds and hands
And the world has aircrafts

If you lived before Louis Armstrong
Would you believe the living can shoot into space?
And return safely to planet earth
It happened
Louis Armstrong believed
And the world explores outer planets ever since

If you were around in Bell Graham’s
Would you be positive with the thought of
Talking to another person at other end of the world
It happened for Graham dared to believe
And telephony technology has taken wings ever since

Imagine living in Mahatma Ghandi’s India
Would you have believed an end to British occupation
With deep seated and booming colonial administration
But Ghandi believed, hence the non-violent campaign
It happened.
India gained freedom.

If you lived in the 18th century England
Or in a remote African village
Would you have joined William Wilberforce
Believing in an end to slave trade
Wilberforce believed and so fought
Yes, it happened
Slavery was abolished.

If you were Robben Island with Nelson Mandela
Would you have believed and kept hope
That life imprisonment would terminate
After twenty-seven years in jail
Alas! It happened!
Mandela survived and triumphed
He came to rule his country as first black President

Before the internet and the yahoo brothers
Would you have believed that
Information and communication can be exchanged
In speed of light
Bill Gates and yahoo brothers believed
And the world is a global village for it.

So believe
If you are an American citizen of 2008
Or you are a member of the black race wherever
Believe that an African-American: Barak Obama
Will become the first Black President ever
And will lead the world most powerful nation by 2008

So believe
Believe that HIVAIDS pandemic
Will have a cure and
Be mentioned in history as a conquered disease

So, believe
Believe that you too my reader
Will dot the lines of history
With greats feats and achievements
That you will leave deep mark in the sands of time

So, believe
Believe that war, strife and hunger shall end
And paradise will once again arise in our world

For I believe in the power of the living words
That you my reader
Will be inspired and stimulated into noble actions
As you believe and do exploits untold

And I believe I have a great place in global history
To lift humanity higher than I met it
To be added value to our troubled world
A beacon of hope to hopeless world
And an oasis in a vast desert
For I believe, and behold I shall fulfill! ! !

For what shall be impossible
If and when, we all believe again
Like the tower building people of Babel?

Dedicated to Senator Barak Obama’s Presidential campaign.20/02/08

by ifedayo oshin

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