AL (05-29-91 + still living / Wake County, NC)

'Believing In My Destiny'

Believing in my destiny
And that there’s something special for me
As I release my arrow
For he has taken his last bow
As I lie in the coffin listening to the toil of my body
My heart wanders again within my body
Through the same fate of time that has brought me to my end
In which an abandoned claim has my hand
Unlike the institution that I was brought here from
Makes me want to feel home
Feel the life I once had
And the feeling of lying in a warm bed
The greatest evils of this world have stopped
Putting me at the very top
Of life as a great prize
The prize of running into an old acquaintance... alive
Sharpening my egos in the devils book
With the failures of a crook
Creating the most difficult of decisions
The one in which can lead to prison
I cannot determine the correct course
Leaving me to be forced
Into the uncertain path of fearing the journey
Visualizing the sight of the upcoming valley
To where the quiet lay in the dark
Pressing images into my heart
Lifting parts of my shattered dreams
By leaving the thieves to my dreams
There comes to each life at least one chance
But it comes only once
And I dared not to ask for more
I dared to ask for more
Thereby bleeding at both ends of the day
To find myself enclosed on a difficult day
By walls of regret and burning fire
To give my whole self away is all I desire
But all as left me to be punished by you
And all I can do is run to you
Reminding myself that sunsets too are beautiful
Before they leave you cold, alone, and looking like a fool
There have been too many departures in my life
Putting my hand at the point of a sharp knife
I have yet found the good in goodbye or the well in farewell
At the arrival of this year I wonder if I will be well
Though I fear the answer
Those who read the last page of the book to find the answer
Believe that they are not allowed to turn just one page
Turning only their lives once a page
That which I spend my life hoping for another chance
Only to find out I’ve missed the dance
Fighting the difficult weather in winter
I suffer the cold winter
Only that I might know the warmth of spring
And remember that special thing
That made me love spring in the first place
Not in my mind can I replace

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Robert Frost

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