(04 October 1943 / Germany)


Today I actually found out
the name of her, she ran
the beach in opposite direction
and always smiled a sweaty smile.
But when she switched last Saturday,
and overtook me, with a frown
and vocal grunts, and huff and puff,
it stabbed me in my alter ego's heart
and we had fun together after that.

She was a lady of wild instincts,
which breed the stamina of animals
into your soul, so that you have
all of your life, a cool advantage,
which she employed, pretending,
that she was only out for a small run
of just routine, and this was a, per chance,
encounter of a harmless kind.

It wasn't one of those that could be settled
by sheer politeness or a conversation,
which would necessitate a slow down
and wreck any competition, automatically,
so brawn was called upon and androgens,
(you may remember that a female does
produce testosterone as well as oestrogens) ,
and in the end she stumbled fell and stayed
a swollen ankle was the best excuse.

So now we train together only Fridays,
it is sufficient, more would be too much,
I'm thirty years her senior and 'mere male',
that's what she says and I just love her smile.

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Nice read....I enjoyed it.
You still sound like it Sally (no, not you Uriah) . Thanks for your kind words yesterday and today. Best wishes H And of course thanks to you, Uriah. You have good taste and talent. H
Bob Dylan says, 'a woman has a smile like a teddy bear' good poem, H.