My Cousin.

I'm walking under the trees,
And recall my memories.
I will never forget those days,
We used to meet in the holidays.
We walked here hand in hand,
You were my only friend.
When we were altogether,
Shared our secrets to each other.
I still remember everyday,
When you were used to say.
If I should be no longer on the land,
But we would be eternal-friends.
Now you have gone,
And left me here alone.
You'll never come again,
But to whom, I blame?
If I can't see you,
But I can feel you.
You are the heart-beat of my life,
And you'll alive till my life.
Your dreams will come true,
And I will do it, for you.

by Majid Zubedi

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A beautifully conceived soliloquy of an old warrior who fought battles for his monarch when he could and living in pathetic conditions in old age more or less like a beggar.
To quote a certain weird wealthy businessman- this poem is HUGE. He is talking Ancient History to his generation of retired soldiers and he very well could be talking to all the soldiers since. We honor our warriors till they are too old to march onto the battlefield- then we don't see them begging for bread on the streets
Methinks I still can hear, Sounding distinct and near, The Vandal monarch's cry, As, captive and disgraced, With majestic step he paced, - All, all is Vanity! Ah! vainest of all things Is the gratitude of kings; The plaudits of the crowd Are but the clatter of feet At midnight in the street, Hollow and restless and loud. It's lovely
Realm and reign! Old with the muse of life. Thanks for sharing.
WOnderful poem to read....I liked it, thanks for sharing.
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