AJK (November 25 / Trivandrum, Kerala)

Belive In Me & Rest In Peace

The air was cold, the breeze blew strong
not a warm place in sight
the trees were bare, the stones cold
even the sun seemed to frown.....

Life was one big moan
of pain that had been, since birth
of broken hearts, shattered dreams
of hostile faces, unfulfilled hopes......

The soul screamed in pain
`take me' `take me' it cried in grief
this life it could not bear
with all its thorns, its groans...........

It prayed to god for release, for death
for freedom from all fetters
and a healing of its wounds.......

But silence was the answer
a deep and stony silence
that seem'd to say--`wait, only wait'

then one day the breeze blew
not strong-but gentle and sweet
the air seem'd warm
trees bloomed and the sun shone bright....

The world seem'd to say `we accept you and want you'
`you are a part of our lives'
and life suddenly seem'd precious and rare.....

But the soul questioned
`is it true'? Will it last?
It thought hard, doubted much
prayed for the truth to dawn
but again......silence.......

Then all on a sudden the answer came
quietly, but with force,
``doubt not, trust in me
for when one door shuts
another opens........

Your sufferings are not without cause
your trials come not without thought
it is to temper you into steel
and to make you strong and bold

I see but I wait
to make a better you
everything is for the good
believe in me, and rest in peace''

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the deep and stony silence speaking of pain, suffering and agony is very interesting.....