(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Bellbottoms For Ajs

Bellbottom jeans
a clever means
to make more room
fruit of the loom
when tissues sag
the jewellery bag
sinks down the legs
like emu eggs.
Bellbottom tease
avoids the squeeze
today they're small
a double ball
between fat thighs
like turtle eyes
too light to drop
down from the top
as fashions change
logic stays strange.

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Yikes! I should've known better than to read a poem you dedicated to Allan! :) Sincerely, Mary
rather amusing, i'd say...
legend has it that men recede in many places and it is not only faces that sag and become sad, that is why long socks make excellant jock straps for over endowed men such as myself Warm regards Allan