You're a dream come true to me
You've opened up my eyes for many wonders to see
Your touch heals me
And it trembles to my very core
You make me realize that life is worth living for

You take my hand in yours
Soft and warm to the touch
Your eyes and smile win me over
And as you sing
We swing each other around in the air
No worries and no cares

This day, that you've given me
Is a day I'll remember
And I'll always treasure
You tell me
' All the bitterness and anger you have is forgotten and forgiven with me '

You've shot my perceptions of you dead in their tracks
You've made sure I'd understand
Despite I probably would have been impatient with you and for you and everything you've shown and given me
Your gentle spirit and patience has won me over

I'll set the ray to you
Today or tonight
Thank you for showing me your true self and healing light to me tonight
Thank you for showing me everything
And because you deserve it
I'll set the ray to you

by Justin Gildow

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