NJC (18/2/71 / Jaipur, india)

One Morning I Woke

One morning I woke up to a colourful game
And everything changed
the world wasn't the same
It started with the sky that turned red
A colourful sight that our imaginations fed

And when it rained it was sparkling blue
Tasking of blueberries and I liked it too
Just think of a place and you'd be there
Laughing and having fun without a care

And when you walked the streets all would smile
Here you'd live without any denial
Sadness was banished there wasn't a care
Would you like to come and live with me there?

© Paul Warren Poetry

by Paul Warren

Comments (2)

You have written so many images I love, with juxtapositions of feeling mystery, emotive contrast; you have written the sweet pain agony of the life I love, far from concrete bitumen streets, the shores of hunger seas, human indifference insanity, nets lines hooks tide swarms of tsunami souls :) I could write this into an expansive poem but at present I am still within my silk caccoon, liquid soup in a flux of metamorphic life.
Wow I am really smiling now :) I had read this several times before I noticed the mention above. I love especially the images, images I love also, several I have used with love and adoration. Butterflies I used in several poems but your lines 'I am a mere Butterfly Flitting Across The floral Wilds Stealing their hues Borrowing dyes' this I adored :) flitting across/ floral wilds/ stealing their hues/ borrowing dyes (sparkles in my mind) all your lines resonate in my mind a bubble/ Containing My storms/ Reflecting/ The rainbows/ That arches/ The dawns (rages in smiles within mind song) Migratory bird/ Of the seven Seas/ Across/ the oceans/ I travel/ Born Free (I have been several species of migratory bird on wing upon long journeys, swallows, the albatross; even when stationary the hawk, the eagle, upon wing in breeze wind thermals or the kingfisher fishing.) Scent of/ wet earth/ Thunder/ of rain clouds/ Gypsy/ From desert/ I live for/ Treacherous/ Routes (stanza after stanza you have written strong images of all I love in love, nature still and in contrasts; wet earth and thunderstorms, stanza after stanza you have written my soul. I have scenes of landscape thunderstorms upon my lounge walls, I should send you some :) 10+++ ++ :)