Poem Hunter
DHD (1965- / Glens Falls New York)


Hear the ringing of the bells

What occasion do they foretell

Hear them bong

Hear them gong

A sweat melodic church day song,

Or maybe just a crystalline

Tinkle tinkle tinkle ting

Calling forth the butler

To serve us once again,

Hear as well the golden bells

Ceremonious and joyous they foretell

A future together

Man and wife

The wedding bells have rung this night,

Hear the clang

The clangitty clang

Of brass that gives us pause

Foretelling the coming season

Of jolly old Santa Clause,

Maybe you've heard the ching ching

Of a bell so small

Amongst the noises of today

It's hardly heard at all

But it's there

A sound so slight

From the bell that sits

On a child's bike,

From warnings on

An exit door

The ring ring ring

Is hard to ignore,

We've all heard

The ding dong ding dong

At our doors

When someone's come along,

Some people say that

When a bell rings

It means that an angel

Is getting it's wings,

So when you hear the ring ding ding

Melody of the bells

Take a moment to ponder on what event

The ringing bells foretell.

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