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ST (Aug.11,1973 / Manitoulin Island, Ontario)


Poem By Steve Trimmer

Ere The Deluge
We loved
For we were Eurynome and Ophion
For we were Lady Finndabar and Ferdia
We were Oonaugh and Fionnbharr
Isolde and Tristan
Isis and Orion

Beloved, thy words so voluable
I stood, and stand still as thy paranymph
We lived then, as now

On shores of The Loch, I found thee; my Selky
As my Lady River- Boann, I wert The Dagna of Eire
Well-nigh met we, in this life, yet not so
Dappled light we work, incantations said
Love sempiternal, thus fore`er

Were we not Eurydice and Orpheus?
Were we not The Tuatha de Danaans at Dana`s standing dolmens?
Were we not Kathrine and Potemkin in land of the Russ -Chrimaea
My beloved, my Dragoness, be I thy Bard

Consort was I who loved thee, fair Nemetona, at The Orkney Grove;
My sacred arboreal shrine be fore`er in dedication to thee
For it wast thee, Miryam, who did tend to me at my cross;
Who kissed my Holly Crown o` Thorns
For thee, Tara, I took to Emerald Isle when I was Jeremiah;
We fled Holy Salem in The Levant to protect thy Grail
Thou wast surely my Pocahontas, Powhatan Queen;
For even Britannia hath doted for thee

Fore`er deft are we in willow magick of The Underworld

For I weep for thee..........until...............until......

Until thy spirit leaves ethereal bournes, yet again
Until thy essence finds corporeal flesh, yet again
Until thou hast deigned to the temporal realm, yet again

Come back for me, and for the human race
My demiurge, my beloved; I indite these words of white lyric
Unto this secular plane, we are incarnated in fourscores through time
Birth, Love, Death, then Resurrection..........as prophecy presages

Through many lives.............yet

`Tis always us
The Ages; ne`er to rend us apart
Two hearts as One
Twin Flames, as Caer and Aengus; swans of undying love

My Beloved............come back again
Please come back

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A lovely tramp through time and lovers, though, to be honest, I'm just not sure I'd want to be the feminine half of almost any epic love, it usually resulted in some sort of gruesome death with plants or trees buried over your grave. But I've wandered from your poem in my stream of conscious way, I enjoyed this very much, enough that I will come back and pour over it some more, likely opening another window up so I can research a few of the many references I don't know quite enough to understand. Thank you for posting this, L&T