Of Language you're the Music,
The One I love the most,
Your Melody is Life to me,
Beloved, dearest Poetry
Without you, I am lost.

by Sandra Feldman

Comments (3)

It's beautiful in it's elegant simplicity Sandra. I love it. Great piece my good friend. :)
Beautiful... Sandra! Any true poet can fathom the depth of your love for poetry.... In few words, we can create an ocean of meanings and convey umpteen emotions and feelings! That is the true merit of poetry.... Each time we read good poetry, we feel it becomes larger and larger in dimension like a ripple caused by the plummeting of a hard substance into placid waters! Enjoyed!
I like this poem in that it evokes the thought, What would we do if we couldn't speak and there was no language on earth to convey our feelings? There were only instruments for music so when we would create music what would our music say? What kind of pieces would we play to convey what it was we felt? But since we do have the language to convey how we feel the words can carry so many different emotions depending how we the reader view them. That it is why we call it art because it's open to the interpretation of the viewer, listener, reader and what we take away from it. Reminds me of something I heard another poet say recently which was basically they are their poetry. You love yourself and your thoughts are living pieces of who you are. Therefore when you express these thoughts an feelings you are sharing parts of yourself. So the title goes along perfectly with the theme of the poem. Nicely done.