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listen to the words that echo
through the walls of your beating heart;
ripples of the blessings cast upon you,
words that clothe you with angelic grace…

there is strength that blossoms deep within us,
a never ending fount of courage.
bubbling forth even as we second guess
our every waking move…

know that even under dark and cloudy skies,
you can stand your ground or tread steadfastly,
inching ever away from failure,
ever closer to success;
it’s all within your grasp…

lift yourself upon my arms,
brace yourself for a new tomorrow,
knowing that my heart awaits you
if ever should you need to be reassured…

love and strength your treasures,
wisdom cherished,
walk through these doubts
and you’ll never walk alone…

here and now,
in love eternal,
breathe my soul…
drink from my lips,
know you’ll always be
infinitely beloved to me…

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