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Beloved Africa
EK (29-09-1996 / Imo State.)

Beloved Africa

Africa, from my roof
I heard your distant cry
On the soil of Libya
I know those tears of innocency
That beheld the deeds of Libya

Libya! Who bewitched you?
Is it Syria?
Who led you to the forbidden tree?
Who gave you the wine of taboo?

Africa, I know the goose bumps
That ransacked your skin
On the soil of Congo
Oh, how weighty they're
My heart I give to thee

I know of the rage
That stole into the vast asset
Of your daughter
South Sudan
Drink from the cup of peace

I have sent
For your sons of valour
With libation
I have informed them
Of your state
Cheer up

O! No, how moody were you
When your buds in South Africa
Took up the sword
Against their own

They sprinkled the might of your skin
The food of your vein
In their blindness of heart
They did it

Ay! Africa, I have seen
And teared
For your bruised part
Sorrowing in Northern Nigeria
For the sake of religion

Like raw crude oil
Under the beating of purification
I feel the pains
That becloud you

Like a gleeful gold
Which survived the strokes
Of a goldsmith
I know your tears

Let the sun shy away
For your sweet skin
Where I seek to be lost
In your legend

Weep not! Beloved
Weep not
Soon, the spring of joy shall spread
All over the pool of your people


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