WG (August 19,1993 / Ruidoso, New Mexico)

Beloved Murder

I walk slowly so very calm and passive into the night sky and darkness falls heavily on me with a cold shiver
I reach for a lighter and light myself a cigarette and lay it on my dry pale lips
I take about 2 minutes and finish that tobacco fast and I step on it to put it out
Now I look up and see the bloody moon and those punctured stars in the sky
Still calm I seek into my pocket pulling out a foot long knife as sharp and slick as you please
I head toward a house painted so smooth with such a brilliant peach color indeed

The night is very still and quiet without a sound
I linger in amazement and excitement for my deed so well planned tonight
So I walk in a sneaky motion up their stairs feeling the doorknob and wondering if it's open...
And to my please the doorknob was unlocked
I opened the door into their house with a chill on my back, but this chill is a good kind of chill the kind i enjoy
I smile in gaze at their bedroom door but first I look around for any other tortering instruments before I start my mayhem

Wierdly I sit on their couch and start watching a movie before I do my so well planned chaos
Then I bore out of the media and open slightly their door and berly I saw a face...2 faces actually and then I open the door more and more
The door is wide open now and to my surprise they were so asleep as if they were in a coma
And I walk closer and closer to their bed I stop with glee and pride filled thrills I pull out my knife once more and walk steadily
So sure of my movements and my actions I still walk step by step closer to her
The woman who stole everything I once had with my beloved ex-husband

That tramp that conniving tramp! ! !
Her days are numbered and tonight she will pay for all the pain and hurt she brought me, I still feel that sadness and hate to this day
I am so very ready to complete this thought of mine
Without emotion I force my knife into her heart and let the sorrows bleed away from me
And my once loved man is laying so abstinent of movement even when his wife is starving for life when hers is running out
He does nothing, he simply sleeps so paralyzed and uttering without sound and movement

She thrives in stopping me from completing my deed
She kicks and tries to scream but I have covered her entire face with plastic and she tries at last to break free from her murder attempt and she fails
She falls unwillingly to the carpeted floor and the once light peach carpet turned into a bloody red mess
The man soaked in her tears and blood still does not react at all
I laugh with accomplishment and happiness to my deed so far done I laugh so hard so insane like I laugh and laugh even more waking him
He stares into the dark where I have hidden and he can't see me he can't see my dreadful smile

He looks to his right and their he witness a puddle so wet and red and he is in shock he screams his wife's name 'ROSE, ROSE, ROSE'! ! !
With a frightened movement he stands from his bed and looks to the ground and their she lies dead and cut in innocence
He screams with so much pain and sadness he hugs his wife corpse and cries as if tears could bring her back from the dead
I laugh at the sight
He looks at the darkness once again and says 'who's there'?
I reply 'me', 'I am the one who killed your wife' and I laugh once again

He angrily stands up and runs toward the darkness and I remove myself from that spot and walk another direction in the room
He stops and yells 'who are you, you sick monster'?
'I am no monster, I am a mad soul that has come to get her revenge'! !
I bore out of pity and mercy once again I run to the corpse to seize my used knife and he looks to late and by the time he turned I pierced my knife into his lower back and cut downward
He cries a murder filled scream before he hits the floor with a sea of blood and I laugh endlessly in his face, and I kiss his dry dead lips, and in the moment a tear manages to crawl down my face but I stop this nonsense and secure my hate in this deed I have done
I leave the room and walk patiently down the stairs I walked up when i first entered the house

I see my reflection in the river across to see myself covered in blood and dried up blood flaking above my face and arms
And I pull out another cigarette and light it once more and I smoke my pride and accomplishment in tobacco with fire so it fades away into the sky, I put it out and leave to my house to have my own slumber I deserve
So I change my clothing and slide into my covers and with no guilt what so ever I close my eyes in exhaust falling deeper and deeper asleep...
To remember my deed in the morning but before I dream to never wake up again....

By Wendy Gomez

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Wendy, for a minute I thought I was reading an Agatha Christi novel... Did you write this? Then I have to tell you that this is an amazing piece of work. Have you published the poem? You should. This is very different from the usual. Great work.