AL (november 7,1957 / dapitan city)

Beloved Parents

all the while, they both enjoy, all the time they rejoice
in every minute they always think, all the way everything
will be fined

now you come, in every lines they remember, for every
day they want it to be, in your side, they always pray, that
you will always be okey

rain my go, sun will stay where in their lap you will be carried
wondering always that you will be happy, for a mother and
father you will always will stay

as you grow, they waited you that, you will be free, in harm
in danger they watch every minutes of the day, for mama
and papa, your so dear to thee

in every meals they hold you so tight, even spoiled food, they
eat so bright, as you laugh, makes them so crazy for a baby,
a child likes you is so dear to see

what wonder does they brings, that all the way, we brings, is
nothing but a dream, oh mama and papa your so great, such
a lovely heart you hold that makes me glad

hold me mama, guide me papa, the road is dark that only you
can light, make my heart so empty, that only you can full, for
in my life knows not the meaning of love

thank you... bless me... light me in the wisdom that i can't see,
live me, even my heart is not all that makes me free, but i
know that you will not leave me

for you are my dear mama and papa of my heart......who always
see my being me

(dedicated this poem to our dear parents)

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Beautiful words and a fitting tribute to parents...thank you Antonio...