Bending Backwards

Bending backwards, disobedient,
can be lots of fun, the bum
exciting he who finds expedient
spanking of the bowing bum.
Boeing, boeing, it starts glowing
once his straining belt unbuckles,
to reveal the way he’s showing
his exuberance, and chuckles,
for she clearly knows his baton
will not bring her pain, but pleasures
secrets in the seat she sat on
with the inches she now measures.

Inspired by a poem of Tai Chi entitled His little erotic.


by gershon hepner

Comments (3)

Kinky and fun. (That'd be the poem, Gersh!) : -) Gina.
10 from bowing with humility! ! Yes you heard! ! His little miss fit, Tai chi Italy. Thank you gershon, I am glad I can be so inspiring and yet so far away. Safer by far! Double trouble Tai
Boeing 717? Boeing 747? ? Boeing 787? ? ? ? ? ? love L