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CG (July 27,1982 / Ottawa, Ontario Canada)


I wanna take the plunge
soak up life like a sponge
So God please send me the one
to make my emptiness undone

Beyond the glitter and frills
there is just me
beyond the flesh and judgement
my soul can finally be free

God please arrange my wish
please intervene on this lonely life
Just grant me this one favour and
I'll never doubt you again in this life

Beneath this makeup, these
artificial smiles is my naked truth
beyond the buoys that hold the ocean,
the limits, there's an innocent youth

God, you can see my anguish,
angels, you can feel my faith fading
so please send me the one
no broken heart, no more waiting

Beneath this ink is my pigment
my blood coursing through these veins
Beyond the mascarade, the party,
is me sitting solidad in a corner again

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A good poem.Appearance and reality (as well as the need for true love) which is the soul of this poem applies to our lives.