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Beneath A Midnight Sun
AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Beneath A Midnight Sun

Beneath A Midnight Sun
(The Uncertainty 0f Love)

Beneath a midnight sun
Under a canopy of stars
I tell you you’re the one
Who can heal these invisible scars

In the distance, a jagged sky
Brash clouds filled with violent tears
A swirling wind ready to dropp by
To expose my greatest fears

I hold my breath till it hurts
Your solemn touch I seek
For the calmness it inserts
To a pleasure so unique

In a storm destine to ravage the heart
Your shelter encumbers my every need
Strengthening every body part
So they no longer have to bleed

Every dawn I search for calm
Hopes and dreams reach out
To have you right in my palm
So I can sustain any drought

Yet a terrible tempest approaches fast
It shakes my most inner core
Can we make this embrace forever last
Or will I be left alone, asking for more

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