(01/01/1966 / BIRMINGHAM)

Beneath The Chestnut Tree

Beneath the chestnut tree I lie
And gaze into the summer sky
And watch the clouds go floating by
Within the sea of blue.

Here I came at break of dawn
And I've remained throughout the morn
Feeling lonely and forlorn
With nothing else to do.

Resting in its leafy shade
Upon the firm and grassy glade
The afternoon and evening fade
And disappear from view.

I see the sunset then unfold
The skies of amber turn to gold
The passion that I couldn't hold
No love could be more true.

I remain as darkness falls
When echoes of my heartache calls
The sadness that I feel appals
If only I had you.


Comments (7)

What a tranquil write, I can see and feel the serenity within the walls of your pen... The flow is so heavenly peacefull as if the reader could read on and on.... Very nice I too, enjoy your writtings so much, that I think I have read most of them.... LOL.... Bonnie collins
Well it certainly warms my heart to see a real poet of quality. This is a true poem and one of merit beyond that. The sentiment is expressed with grace and charm. Rare qualities. I salute your ability. I had not visited before to read your work. I had only noticed your name and mine together from time to time. It appears, we have much more in common. Greenwolfe 1962
Flawlessly metred...mellifluously smooth, crisp & tight.Stellar Work, indeed, Andrew ~FjR~ .2008.
Very much respect your discipline to write in aaab throughout. From my experience of being broken hearted over a woman, how i behaved, how i felt, this poem captured that. Very good work.
Just lovely Andrew. A beautifully flowing poem with wonderful contents and so pleasing to find. Great stuff. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
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